The many virtues of a pure golden oil

Hemp oil rich in CBD and which is broad spectrum (more than 200 active ingredients contained in the oil) has many virtues.

The cannabinoids that number over 120 in hemp are known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuro-protective, immunomodulatory, analgesic, antidepressant, anti-infective, and many more unidentified effects. (1) (the benefits of cbd oil)

CBD oil is multi-dimensional. It thus relieves joint, muscle and tendon pain; it helps reduce anxiety, improves sleep, protects the nervous system, boosts the immune system, helps reduce addictions, regulates appetite and improves skin problems.

CBD oil provides an overall balance of body and mind, while maintaining the body’s homeostasis. (endocannabinoid system)

Hemp and its soothing power

In addition to all the properties mentioned above, in the eyes of Indigo 8, the key to CBD oil is its calming effect on the mind.

CBD oil provides a real appeasement, allows you to refocus, to return to the body in an instant . We compare it a lot to the effects of yoga, which can be very similar; by performing specific postures, and breathing exercises, yoga calms the mind and makes you feel better in your body, with a clearer vision and mind.

CBD oil just like yoga, provides an anchor to the earth , and creates a real openness towards oneself and towards others, amplifying intuition and perception . She permits better concentration and better stability on a daily basis.

Anchoring by Hemp

Hemp Cannabis Sativa. is a hardy plant, with strong and deep roots. These aspects of the plant are found directly in CBD oil. The elixir allows you to forge a strong bond with mother earth, to create deep roots bringing more stability, inner strength and self-confidence.

This connection to the earth is important to harness all of the energies necessary to take root, stand tall, be strong, and lift its branches far into the sky. The Cannabis Sativa . is an elongated and very tall plant, which never breaks. CBD oil, like hemp, strengthens the body so that it is resistant to the bad weather of life, and that it rises, inscribing the energy of consciousness in matter .

Why anchoring is essential

Grounding is essential to fully live the experiences of life, to evolve and find meaning at all times.

Grounding well allows to have less negative thoughts, feel more secure, be less anxious and with more energy . When we have created good roots, we let go more easily and let’s accept to live the present moment .

CBD oil as wellcalms and raises the mind, which makes it possible to be more rooted, and therefore more positive, obtaining a e overall body / mind balance.

It is then easier to accomplish our projects and dreams over the long term by following their common thread .

(1) WHO Report – Cannabidiol (CBD) (2017) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence Thirty-ninth Meeting